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Heartbreaking Story

February 4, 2014

Not sure how many of you have seen or heard the story of Dylan and Iver Benson in Victoria.  I do not know either directly but instead they are friends of friends and I have been hearing their story for weeks now on Facebook and Twitter.  Their story touches my heart for two reasons:  1 –  I am a nurse and am enthralled with the resiliency this baby has shown and the strength of Robyn to keep her body alive despite such adversity.  2 – I am a newly wed and I can’t fathom the strength that Dylan has to summon up each day to say goodbye to his wife day in and day out.  Most of the time when we experience tragedy we don’t have to spend 2 months staring it in the face.  Most of the time when children are born this is a time of happiness not extreme grief because you gain one love but lose another.

My heart aches for the pain of Dylan each time I see his story.  I read his blog and draw strength from him even through a computer screen.  I couldn’t imagine being his nurse and being privy to his grief.  I pray his son is born healthy, whole and provides relief to Dylan’s grief.  I hope Robyn is without pain as she continues to raise a son she will never meet.  May life bring these two some peace and happiness through this tragedy. 

Please feel free to donate to his cause by going to

or visit and follow his blog at


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