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I am embarking on my first journey as a Blogger.  I have minimal experience with this unless you count my years journaling my thoughts the old fashioned way as a teenager and young adult.

I began nursing over 10 years ago in Victoria.  I absolutely loved bedside nursing and was sure I had found my calling until I felt compelled to further my education and become a Physician.  So I packed up and moved my family to Vancouver to begin school all over again at UBC.  Unfortunately I have yet to complete my studies there due to personal reasons.

I decided to start teaching at Vancouver Career College and help train my future.  I thought there was no better way to contribute to ensuring educated and competent nurses than to be a part of their journey.  I love teaching, sharing knowledge and watching their faces as the “light bulb turns on”.

Today I will be joining the technological revolution by blogging my journey through the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma at Vancouver Community College.  I hope to share with you new thoughts, insights and expressions I have learned along the way.  After all, technology is the new wave of education!

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Educating Our Future Nurses One At A Time

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