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Apps in Nursing

New trend in nursing is the use of apps to assist with our work.  We can’t possibly be expected to know everything so having a resource at the tip of our fingertips is really helpful to speed up knowledge and resource acquisition.  

Apple has released the top 11 nursing apps used in 2012.  Follow the link below.

How many have you used?




Shatter the Stereotype

The Benefits of Nursing Simulation

Simulation is a technique that is extremely beneficial in nursing education.  It has been proven to not only prepare students better for the clinical environment but also to increase critical thinking skills and to increase safety in patient care. 

Saying goodbye

I have always felt that the biggest honor in nursing is to be present with a patient and their family during their last moments in life.  The connection that is established in the most painful moment is deep and meaningful.  Some may argue birth is the best but I honestly believe witnessing grief, vulnerability and pain is the most important.

If you have never experienced death you won’t understand yet.  But imagine allowing a complete stranger to be with you, comfort you and care for you at your weakest moment. THAT is nursing.

I thank all those families and long departed patients who let me be with them during this time.  I remember you all still and will always treasure those moments.

Here is another nurse who is making a difference in the lives of those who leave us:


Nursing Student Life

Nursing Student Life

Laughter is the best medicine.

Often nurses will have the worst humor.  We laugh at things that would send most people running out of the room.  We share horrible stories without thinking about the stomach churning we are causing in others.

Here is a link to a facebook page that honors the humor in nursing to keep us all sane in a world of chaos and crazy.


Nursing Humor

Nursing Humor

BCNU steps up the fight with the government

The government is in breach of the collective agreement and endangering the lives of the public.  BCNU will now be going to bat against them to make them stand up to their obligations.

Good luck Deborah!

Teaching tools  Awesome website with games and other teaching tools to help make the classroom more interactive, fun and alive.  I haven’t used it yet but I plan on implementing a lot of these in the class to help my students grow and retain more information so they can become better nurses. 


Educating Our Future Nurses One At A Time